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Published January 28, 2014 by drivechangesite

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Nina's Soap Bubble Box

One of the things that I am doing that I find is helping is reviewing my story and taking stock of where I am now.

I still have the image of myself as 360+ pounds and struggling to breath in my head and I think that’s why I have a hard time looking in the mirror. I don’t look like me, I don’t sound or smell like me. I just don’t recognize myself.

I think that the more people I connect with the less disassociation I have and the more people let me know what their impressions of me are, the more I am able to see myself as others see me

which can only be based on what I am putting out there.

so that reflecting back is like a quality control check – I am appearing as I want to present myself and as I project what I…

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Operation Ore Part 2: The Bryn Alyn Scandal and the Abuse of Care Homes by an Elite Paedophile Ring.

Published June 5, 2013 by drivechangesite


(This article is a continuation of part one:
Tom Watson asks the Prime Minister why “clear evidence of a powerful paedophile ring operating out of Parliament and number 10” was not followed up on.

Essentially I planned on only writing a short passage about the allegations that there were high level paedophile rings operating within the UK Government. With the focus on the Jimmy Savile case and the litany of allegations against the BBC, I felt it was maybe important to remember that these celebrities, though some of them obviously also guilty, were being hung out to dry once again in lieu of any real investigation being done into the allegation that as Tom Watson states, there are high level, powerful paedophile rings being run out of parliament and indeed number 10.

However recent events have left me in awe of the political media machine that is the UK…

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Corrupt politics and Newsnight’s cowardice

Published June 5, 2013 by drivechangesite

Guy Debord's Cat

I was looking forward to finding out the name of the “high profile British politician” that Newsnight claimed was involved in a long-running paedophile ring that was mentioned by Labour MP, Tom Watson, a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday afternoon, I heard that the peer (for it is a member of the House of Lords) had threatened libel action against Newsnight if they went ahead with the story.

Surely if Newsnight had the goods on this peer and others, then a libel suit is the least of their worries – especially if the persons concerned are guilty as they no doubt are. I suspect that the peer in question believes himself, like many of his fellow Tories, to be above the law.

This shows us the contempt that Britain’s political class, the Tories in particular, have for democracy. But, more importantly, there has been a long-running paedophile ring that has operated with impunity…

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It’s official. Europe is experiencing the most extreme summer weather ever witnessed.

Published June 1, 2013 by drivechangesite

A Conspiracy So Monstrous

june jet2

june jet 3

june jet

Temperatures in the most remote northern regions of Europe – which would still be covered in ice right now – are hitting 25 degrees (completely unheard of) whilst parts of Switzerland are crippled by intense snow falls. Southern France is seeing only temperatures of 10 degrees.

Here in the UK our weather forecasters keep getting it wrong – temperatures were expected to hit 15 degrees today but remain stuck in single figures. It was warmer on Christmas Day.
Once again, it is all down to an inexplicable kink in the Jet Stream. Inexplicable, that is, to those who remain ignorant of weather modification and, indeed, weather warfare.
This is the reality facing us all.
Weather modification has been going on for at least three decades. Man is responsible for changing earth’s climate – but it has got nothing to do with carbon emissions. That is the gross lie that has…

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